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Information: As earlier mentioned, first-rate eyebrow threading is safer and less painful than sugaring, waxing or tweezing. This is the more reason threading salons have experienced a drastic increase in demand. Eyebrow threading method of hair removal removes the likelihood of contacting hot wax that can burn a tender facial skin and it also involves less discomfort.

Benefits of eyebrow threading:
With the precision of an expert of threading salon, perfect and unique brows are created to give your face a unique sense of personality. The shaping of the eyebrow from the top to the underneath creates the primary benefit of eyebrow threading. Unlike tweezing which may be characterized by removal of wrong hairs result to distorted shape of the brow, eyebrow threading is not subject to that it removes any chances of mishap. In particular, for skin that is associated with Accutane or retin-A, low cost eyebrow threading is recommended since threading has less effect on the skin than other hair removal techniques. It should be noted that for some minutes a little pinkness may be experienced during eyebrow threading, but it will subside with time.

If you have suffered breakouts from waxing or tweezing, eyebrow threading will be a relief for you. If your skin is very sensitive, a threading expert may recommend the use of an ice cube to soothe the threading zone for some minutes. Other benefits associated with eyebrow threading are as follow:

• Skin is protected from irritation and redness,
• It is less time-consuming and neater than tweezing or waxing,
• It does not take the use of chemicals, but it is 100 percent natural,
• Unlike waxing that may increase the chances of development of wrinkles, threading makes your face look hair-free and refreshed,
• It is cheap and unique,
• Most suitable for skin too sensitive to laser hair removal or waxing
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